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Amniotic Membrane Treatment

We are looking to start relationships with Doctors dealing with difficult wounds & Stage 2 wounds. We provide the product and all of the administrative services that is required for the payment process. Please contact us if you wish to start a conversation on how we can partner to help your patients.

Join us in providing this advanced treatment that is helping to heal wounds.


Healing Hard to Heal Wounds

Skin grafts are one of the most effective ways to heal wounds. Finally, a seamless integration of the industry-leading amniotic skin graft so that clinicians can heal their patients with the best product available and not have the obstacles previous skin graft companies have.

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Grafts that help reduce hospitalization, infections, amputations, and long-term care.

  • The only IMPAX Graft Distributor with no up front credit card needed and no risk to the doctor ever

  • The only IMPAX Graft Distributor with "CanyonMD", a specialized graft billing entity, with a proprietary IVR pre-approval process. (Other billing services available upon request)

  • Payments reimbursed directly to Providers by the Insurance companies

  • CanyonMD will take care of all IMPAX Graft billing and pre-approval, before sending out grafts

  • Patients get approved for up to 10 grafts in 12 weeks (each graft applied on average, once a week)

  • Upon IVR approval, grafts are then sent to the provider overnight with no risk to the provider at all

  • Reimbursement paid based on the per sq cm size of the wound/graft needed

  • Medicare at 100% reimburses $1350 per sq cm as directed by Medicare Code: Q4262

  • Medicare at 80% reimburses at roughly $1080 per sq cm

  • Medicare Fee for Service, Medicare Advantage PPO, United Healthcare-AARP, Humana Gold PPO, Tri-Care Medicare and willing to try and pre approve other commercial insurances upon request

  • Provider is directly invoiced the IMPAX Graft Cost of roughly $810 per sq cm (Subject to change)

  • Provider’s pay the IMPAX Graft Invoiced amount after receiving the insurance reimbursement

Amniotic Membrane

An advancement in regenerative medicine, the Zenith Amniotic Membrane line of products are made from human amniotic membrane and fluid. These amniotic tissues, or allografts, are transplanted to provide protection and support for native tissues in the body.
What does Zenith Amniotic Membrane treat?

Wound Ulcer

Foot Ulcer

Venous Ulcer

What are amniotic membranes?

Innermost layer of the placenta which nourishes and maintains an unborn child.

Is comprised of regenerative molecules shown to help the body heal itself, which means a faster and less painful recovery.

The amniotic fluid contains a unique mix of bioactive substances such as collagen, adhesion molecules, and growth factors.


The amniotic membrane has been used to treat a number of disorders for decades, including the repair of cartilage, menisci, joint injuries and more.

Amniotic tissue has reported anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti- fibrotic properties.


Amniotic tissues are also thought to have “immune privilege,” reducing the risk of an adverse immune reaction.

Beyond ​supplying products, we value and prioritize research. We work with a ​team of Chemists, Physicians and Tissue Engineers ​that focus on developing medicine applications, including tissue biologics and aesthetic solutions.


Wound Patch

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